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  • Are your batting cages open to the public?
    Yes! Our batting cages are open to the public Mon - Fri between the hours of 3-8pm. Please email us for availablity and to reserve your 30 min or 1 hr time slot. Cages are rented on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Do you have a pitching machine?
    Yes! We have a pitching machine that can be included in your rental. The machine can be adjusted for speed. Please note that the machine isn't automatic and you will need someone to feed the balls.
  • Are there L screens in the cages?
    Yes! Each cage comes with it's own L screen.
  • Do you provide bats and helmets?
    Yes! We have bats and helmets available if you need some. Or else you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Can you rent the entire indoor field?
    Yes! Our facility has retracable batting cage curtains which means the entire space can be opened up and used for not only baseball practices, but soccer and football as well.
  • What kind of athletic training do you offer?
    Almost everything! We offer athletic training for anyone ages 8 and up. For younger athletes we have a general conditioning program and for older and more advanced athletes we offer specialized strength training, speed training, or mobility sessions.
  • Do you offer fitness sessions for non-athletes?
    Yes we do! Whether you're a fitness veteran or want to try something new, Prime Sports offers a variety of fitness options. Choose from personal training, Yoga, or mat Pilates private sessions.
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